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What Is Labrary Insider?

Library Insider offers a selective database of U.S. libraries, as well as expert training to help you to engage the library contacts most likely to purchase your books.

Our exclusive system provides:

  • Direct access to buyers at library systems and major libraries throughout the country.
  • Downloadable contact data by state or nationwide via subscription.
  • Guaranteed updates to keep your information current.
  • Feedback and statistics on the effectiveness of your library marketing campaign.
  • Coaching by a seasoned librarian in how to market your books to libraries.

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Library Insider Praise

"I highly recommend Library Insider, and plan to make it a part of my future marketing campaigns." -Dani Pettrey, best-selling author, "Alaskan Courage" series

"This program is invaluable to authors who want to spread the word about their books" -Ann Shorey, author "Sisters at Heart” series

"Instrumental in guiding my marketing efforts to libraries." -Julie Gwinn, Trade Book Marketing, B&H Publishing Group

"An outstanding service to writers seeking to promote their books through public libraries." -DiAnn Mills, RITA finalist and best-selling author

"Measurable results!" -Virginia Smith, author Sister-to-Sister series