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An exclusive database of library book buyers & the tools to effectively engage them

Library Insider is made up of two entities: our selective, searchable database, Library Locator; and a unique coaching feature, Behind the Stacks.

Together, these entities comprise the only tool available that offers:

  • The means to reach the buyers at library systems and major libraries throughout the country.
  • The ability to purchase the data either by state or nationwide via subscription.
  • The access to the data for multiple uses.
  • The immediacy of data that is updated monthly.
  • The feedback, statistics on the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • The coaching by a seasoned librarian in how to market book titles to libraries.

Library Locator is a powerful, password-protected, searchable, selective database of more than 2,500 public libraries and library systems in the United States.

The libraries were selected based on size of collection, open hours, and size of staff—enabling publishers, publicists and authors to target the libraries most likely to purchase their materials. The database is updated monthly and includes the name and contact information of the buyer or decision-maker at each library.

The database can be downloaded so that addresses can be captured for mailing labels or email addresses used to connect directly with book buyers. Users can purchase one particular state or region, or buy access to the entire list.


Meet the Librarian

Behind the Stacks Expert, Judy Gann

A librarian for more than twenty-five years, Judy Gann reviews fiction for a seventeen-branch library system.

Judy offers direct training to publishers, marketing teams, and one-to-one to authors on how to make sales to libraries in the most effective way.

In these days of tight budgets, libraries are more selective than ever in their purchasing decisions. Behind the Stacks coaching reveals best practices for connecting with libraries, provides tips for presenting materials in a “library friendly” manner and takes you behind the scenes of the materials selection process.

Judy created the database for Library Locator and works together with the Library Insider team to keep the information contained in the database fresh and up-to-date.

To learn more about the Behind the Stacks workshops, visit the Training & Consultation page.

*Photo courtesy of Rebecca Rich Photography.

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