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Unique Value, Exclusive Access

Library Locator is a password-protected, selective, searchable database of public libraries in the United States.

What makes Library Locator unique?

  • Library Locator is updated monthly.
  • Library Locator includes the names and contact information for book buyers—the decision-makers—with e-mails where available.
  • Library Locator is a selective list of public libraries (based on size of collections, open hours, and size of staff) throughout the U.S., enabling publishers to target the libraries most likely to purchase their materials.
  • Library Locator indicates whether each library is a system (consisting of multiple branches or libraries) or if it is an independent library (single building). System libraries are more likely to purchase multiple copies of items.
  • Library Locator includes the number of branches in each system.
  • Library Locator offers a reporting function to measure the success of marketing efforts.
  • Library Locator is available for the full subscription period regardless of number of times used.
  • Library Locator allows the ability to print labels or to use email addresses.

To view more specific features, visit our Library Locator for Publishers & PR Firms, and our Library Locator for Authors pages.

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