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Unique Value, Exclusive Access

Library Locator is a password-protected, selective, searchable database of public libraries in the United States.

What makes Library Locator unique?

  • Library Locator is updated monthly.
  • Library Locator includes the names and contact information for book buyers—the decision-makers—with e-mails where available.
  • Library Locator is a selective list of public libraries (based on size of collections, open hours, and size of staff) throughout the U.S., enabling publishers to target the libraries most likely to purchase their materials.
  • Library Locator indicates whether each library is a system (consisting of multiple branches or libraries) or if it is an independent library (single building). System libraries are more likely to purchase multiple copies of items.
  • Library Locator includes the number of branches in each system.
  • Library Locator offers a reporting function to measure the success of marketing efforts.
  • Library Locator is available for an entire year regardless of number of times used.
  • Library Locator allows the ability to print labels or to use email addresses.


Measure Your ROI:  Was Your Campaign a Success?

Publishers can purchase a report providing statistical feedback measuring the success of their promotion using Library Locator. The report, taken from internal resources, will include the number of libraries shelving a particular title before the promotion and the number after the promotion. It will also provide the average number of copies purchased per library.

When you purchase a report, you will be sent a request form asking for the list of titles you would like included in the report. You will receive your report four months from date of request (to allow for the lag time between promotion to libraries and the title reaching library shelves). This report is protected by the Terms of Use and may not be shared with authors.


Make the Most of Your Data:  Behind the Stacks Marketing to Library Training

Locating public libraries is only half of a successful marketing strategy. Library Insider provides a half-day, on-site training for publishers and PR firms on how to market to libraries. This training, presented by Judy Gann, may be connected with a sales conference or at another time scheduled by the publisher/firm.


Stay Informed: Get the Latest Library News and Purchasing Trends That Impact Marketing Efforts

All subscribing publishers and PR firms will receive The Library Insider, a quarterly newsletter with library news relevant to publishing, including trends and tips for reaching the public library market.  Publishers and PR firms can also stay current by following the updates on the Library Insider Facebook page.


Publisher & PR Firm FAQs

How do the title reports work?

Publishers and PR firms will complete a request form on which they will list the titles of books promoted using Library Locator. Within four months, they will receive a report indicating the total of libraries owning the titles before the promotion and the number owning the titles after the promotion. The average number of copies of the titles purchased will be included in the report.

Is the Library Locator a compilation of available data? Isn’t all the information available to the public through lists or websites?

While public online sources contain some library information, none is as comprehensive as Library Locator. Library Locator includes contact information compiled from many (many!) hours of research. Also, information on public library sites is not regularly updated. Library Locator is updated monthly.

May we share the list with our authors?

No. Each publisher and PR firm subscription is for sales representatives, publicity and marketing staff only. All Library Insider’s products and resources are protected by the Terms of Use. To share the data with others is illegal and prosecutable. By signing the Terms of Use, you commit not to share the data with authors or others and to use it only for the year allotted.

If the publisher/PR firm uses print labels, what’s to keep them from continuing to use this data once the subscription expires?

Library Insider’s resources and products are protected by the Terms of Use and Subscriber Agreement, which all subscribers agree to at the time of their subscription.  Plus, the data within Library Insider is constantly changing.  Library staff frequently change positions. You do not want your materials addressed to an acquisitions librarian’s predecessor! One of the significant values of Library Locator is that it is updated monthly.

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