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"Library Insider has been a valuable asset in reaching new readers through public libraries. By using the private database, I was able to connect with librarians across the country, and my campaign resulted in more than a tenfold increase in number of my books purchased by the targeted libraries. I highly recommend Library Insider, and personally plan to make it an integral part of my future marketing campaigns."

Dani Pettrey, best-selling author, Alaskan Courage series


"I was thrilled with the results of my Library Insider promotion. With Judy Gann’s assistance, I targeted libraries in key states and saw my sales to those library systems take off beyond my wildest dreams. This program is invaluable to authors who want to spread the word about their books."

Ann Shorey, author of Sisters at Heart series



"Judy Gann helped me to create a flyer that grabbed librarians' attention. I sent out 175 flyers. 151 libraries each purchased an average of 5 copies of my book. Those are measurable results!"

Virginia Smith, author Sister-to-Sister Series




"Judy’s insights into cracking the library market revolutionized my marketing efforts. I count this training as the single most beneficial marketing workshop I've ever attended. I sent out flyers to 500 libraries. Approximately 430 of those libraries purchased my book. Some purchased as many as 20 copies."

Jonathan Friesen, author of Jerk, California



"Libraries are the cornerstone in any community. They are gathering places for all ages interested in reading and important audience for any publisher. For that reason, I value Judy Gann's insight on what libraries and specifically librarians are looking for in quality content, eye-catching packaging and engaging author events. She was also instrumental in guiding my marketing efforts to libraries."

Julie Gwinn, Trade Book Marketing, B&H Publishing Group




"Judy Gann provides an outstanding service to writers seeking to promote their books through public libraries. By using her exclusive statewide database, I was able to reach a new market and increase my readership. For example, 78 of the 134 libraries I targeted in Ohio and 24 of 47 libraries in Washington purchased an average of five copies of the two titles I promoted using the database coupled with the flyer Judy assisted me in designing."

DiAnn Mills, RITA finalist and best-selling author of more than 1.5 million books

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