Library Insider

Why Libraries?

Public libraries are a significant, frequently overlooked market for book sales:

  • Libraries spend more than $1.6 billion on books every year.
  • Libraries are not in competition with bookstores. Think of libraries as an additional market for your materials.
  • An entire segment of the population that regularly visits the public library never enters a bookstore.
  • With independent bookstores closing, libraries are a much underutilized market for publishers and authors.
  • Library sales are final: no returns!
  • Libraries are not as focused on short-term results: longer shelf-life for materials.
  • Libraries buy multiple copies of books and buy books to replace frequently checked out books.
  • Library use skyrockets during tough economic times, with more people borrowing books from the public library rather than purchasing them.
  • A 2010 Harris Poll showed that 65% of Americans used their library in the past year either in person, by telephone, or by computer.
  • A 2008 CNN/U.S. News poll found that Americans make 3.6 billion visits to the library per year; 80% borrow books from the library on a regular basis.
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